Where to Eat

With so much to see and do, you’re sure to work up an appetite! Check back for a comprehensive list of all the great restaurants, food trucks and vendors where you can grab a bite on Richmond Canada Day in Steveston.

And for more food options, check out the Salmon Festival Food Truck Zone across from the community centre.

Big Dogs Burgers

Our passion for food shows – providing a combination of well-priced simple ingredient gourmet foods, excellent customer service, creative cuisine and dedication to perfection, accompanied by a unique, fun filled atmosphere! We will have your guests raving about their experience for days to come! Food should be fun, not confusing! It’s how we approach everything we do.

Brazilian Roots

Specialized in ethnic food from Brazil. Our goal is to nourish the culture of Brazil’s native people, allowing you to achieve a healthy and delicious diet through natural, minimalist and gluten-free food alternatives. We are guided by 3 principles: Quality, Sustainability, and Community. We only source our products from premium suppliers that are fully committed to our high standards of product quality, who show fair-trade ethical practices, and who are green. We advocate for indigenous rights in Brazil and the protection of the Amazonian ecosystem.

​Supporting Survival, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. Survival helps defend the lives, lands and futures of people who should have the same rights as other contemporary societies.

Canadian Kettle Corn

Gourmet popcorn kettle popped in small batches with sugar and seasoned with salt. This gives the popcorn that crunchy light coating that you crave. A perfect Sweet & Salty taste!

Hugs Mini Donuts

We are purveyors of gourmet mini donuts. And, we are Vancouver’s Premier Mini Donut Caterer.

Island Time Food

Bringing bold Caribbean flavours to you. Catering to people who like bold spicy flavours and healthy food.


You haven’t had a hot dog if you haven’t tried a gourmet style Japanese hot dog!

Lemon Heaven

Freshly squeezed homemade lemonade. Available in 12oz, 24oz and 32oz sizes with your choice of Original, Cherry, Lime or Iced Tea flavors. Lemon Heaven also caters to diabetics upon request by serving our Diabetic Original Lemon Heaven Lemonade.

“Only the good lemons make it into Lemon Heaven.”

Mr. Frosty

Ice cream and frozen desserts to keep you cool on a hot festival day.


We’re Saj bread enthusiasts on a mission to bring the best of Middle Eastern food to Vancouver and convince you to become SAJetarians!

Get it…like “veg”etarians only we want you to become SAJetarians and show you that Saj bread is “Ze” bread to eat.

Part of our inspiration behind the concept was the fact that Vancouver has limited mobile Middle Eastern food options and our aim is to bring more Middle Eastern variety to the city.

From our Zaatar Halloumi and Pomegranate Molasses Kafta wraps to our fried cauliflower appetizers, we know our food will appeal to everyone and start a buzz about Saj bread.